About Power Of Perception


The Power of Perception was written by Sara Jones in 1999 whilst on a journey through life, spanning many countries, religions and life lessons along the way.


While researching the project “Power of Perception ” Sara did not find one such program in any teaching curriculum anywhere in the world. Countries seem to only teach “life skills” which focus on job related activities.


“Power of Perception” is a revision of her first project  “Return to Innocence” with the intention to cover a wider age group, and produce a simpler format which can be introduced to the age group six to eighteen year olds, once again teaching how to love and respect themselves and others, but this time through understanding the basics of perception.


During her career in the film and event industry, Sara used her spare time to focus on subjects covering basic psychology, leading to “Return to Innocence”.


In 2005 she was voted one of the top 100 Achieving Women in South Africa for the Return to Innocence Project, and in 2006 was nominated for the Caltex Environmental Awards for the same.


“For the Boys”, a further campaign/project was subsequently launched, providing the vehicle for teenage boys and young men to speak about abuse. The campaign assisted in the change of legislation in South Africa which allowed for boys/men to be charged with rape of other boys/men.


“Power of Perception” is her third project of similar nature.


Sara is currently doing her Masters in the Studies of Human Behaviour. She also heads up the Production Accounting division of Image Nation, Abu Dhabi.

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