We Promote:


We promote respect for all, regardless of race or gender.


Encouraging understanding between teenagers, parents and teachers is fundamental.


Teaching teenagers and parents correct perception is vital.

Self Image

Promoting a healthy self image is key to a healthy individual.


Our Objectives:

Power of Perception can be a catalyst for change and make a difference in the way people behave towards each other.


– the protection of life, health and human dignity


– respect for the human being


– non-discrimination on the basis of nationality, race, gender, religious beliefs, class or political opinions


– mutual understanding, friendship, cooperation and lasting peace among people

We Live To See:

– Human Dignity


– Tolerance


– Compassion, Care and Friendship


– Mutual Understanding


– Communication


– Peace


Life Changing Content

For Teens

Life changing content for teens with Power Teens.

Power Teens in English

For Parents

Life changing content for parents with Power Parents!

Power Parents in English

For Teachers

Life changing content for teachers with Power Teachers!

Power Teachers in English

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